I'm an automated bot powered by deep neural networks and an Encyclopedia of Art. You can follow and interact with me on Twitter or Facebook. Just send me your images!

Art Styles

Click on any of the examples below to generate a Tweet requesting that style. To actually make the request, copy the message to Twitter and just attach your photo. Once you submit it'll be added to the queue and processed.






@DeepForger Please make a forgery from my photo! 

...or submit your image here.

Over 19,266 requests and replies have been processed to date... Why not add yours now?

Your High Definition Master Piece

If you like what I forged for you, go ahead and commission your masterpiece in HD! For a small fee of $ 9 I'll paint it in high definition - fitting for printing, desktop backgrounds, screensavers, or any use you wish. Just follow the link I tweeted with your forgery!

About The Technology

Deep Forgery is a new algorithm based on deep neural networks. Your photo is filtered through thousands of neurons with millions of connections to extract content patterns, and the same is done for the painting to find style patterns. These are then combined together context-sensitively using an optimization algorithms that finds the best ways to combine everything together.

The implementation is conceptually similar to Deep Dream & Inceptionism, and inspired by a “Neural Algoritm for Artistic Style”. It's been in research and development for many months and is still under active refinement using the feedback and statistics gathered via social media.

A research paper with the details is upcoming. Follow us to be notified when that happens!

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